Furnace Repair and Air Duct Installation in Centerton, AR 72712

Shortly after we bought our fixer-up home, we called another HVAC company to give the furnace a check up. They put a red sticker on it, said we couldn’t use it, and they wanted $18,000 to replace it and the duct work! That started our search. We had maybe 10 different companies come and check our system. They all insisted it had to be replaced. The lowest price we found was from Kinder Air for $8K. Although Don advised that we replace it, when he understood that we simply didn’t have the money to do so, he explained that he could replace the heat exchanger, since the A/C side of the package unit worked well. Their final price to repair the system was $2100, a fraction of what all the others insisted was the only option. They also installed new duct work for us. Their price for the duct work was comparable to the others but slightly lower. The final result is that our old home is now so comfortable! They did a great job. So professional, courteous, thorough, kind and understanding. If everyone did business like Don Kinder, the world would be a great place!