Air Conditioner Repair in Rogers, AR 72758

“I called Kinder because I had a leak coming from a compressor replacement done a few years prior (by an employee no longer there). Kinder immediately sent someone out to take a look and confirm that was where the leaked was coming from. I was just looking for the problem to be solved and maybe a discount around the repair but they went a step further. They sent out David who was very nice and went above and beyond answering my questions and explaining things. Not only did he fix the leak caused by the compressor repair, he also confirmed no other leaks, removed all old refrigerant that could have been contaminated, and replaced with new refrigerant. All covered by Kinder and I didn’t have to pay a thing. Kinder stands by their work and if a mistake is ever made (nobody is perfect) I have no doubt they will always do whatever it takes to make it right. From now on Kinder will be my go to servicer as long as I live in there service area.”

– Tyler V.