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Full-System Replacement in Cave Springs, AR 72718

April 7, 2022

I’ve tested Mr Kinder’s work for 6 months now, I wanted to be able to give a fair and honest review. Our home was built in the 70’s and it had a very old heat and air system, where return air wasn’t in the best place and it was so loud that it kept us…

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Furnace Repair and Air Duct Installation in Centerton, AR 72712

March 7, 2022

Shortly after we bought our fixer-up home, we called another HVAC company to give the furnace a check up. They put a red sticker on it, said we couldn’t use it, and they wanted $18,000 to replace it and the duct work! That started our search. We had maybe 10 different companies come and check…

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